Life in Color (Dayglow) – Bad Boy Bill – Milwaukee, Wis.

  • Performers: Bad Boy Bill
  • Date: Sat, Nov 17, 2012 at 8:00 pm
  • Location: The Rave - Milwaukee, WI
  • Ages: 18+
  • Tickets: $40
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Life in Color (formerly DayGlow) events are held across the country and are marketed as the “world’s largest paint party.” Be prepared to get messy at this event!

Fall 2012 Tour Theme: “The E.N.D.: Electronic Never Dies”

Various ancient cultures throughout history have predicted 2012 as the end of civilization. While this may mark the end of an era, we believe as the year draws to a close, the world is only gearing up for a new day. 2012 The E.N.D (Electronic Never Dies) is more than just a mere slogan, this is a movement. This is our time. To every beginning there is an end, and a chance for a Rebirth. Because, in The E.N.D we are not our jobs, our failures or our fears, we are every note of every song that made us close our eyes, reach for the sky and know we were home.

With The E.N.D. Tour, we will have unprecedented production and never-before-seen live performances. We are taking a unified stance & upholding our beliefs, that love, expression, music, creativity & most of all paint will be the only forces that will survive into the next generation of Life in Color. Electronic Never Dies, so embrace it like it’s your last opportunity to celebrate. #LIFEINCOLOR

Last tour we sold out over 70 cities! It was Dayglow’s most successful tour including international markets in Europe and South America. This tour we are back, with more cities and our largest production and show yet!

Be part of the new music culture, be part of Dayglow.


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