Savoy kicks off national tour, releases new Personal Legend EP

In the midst of putting the final touches on their national live tour, which launches tomorrow, Savoy today released the new EP Personal Legend. The four-track collection is available for free download and features a collaboration with Big Gigantic on “After Shock.” (Stream via Soundcloud below.)

Savory is known for producing heavy hitting tracks using a combination of live instruments and electronics. But this is the best we’ve heard from them yet, with a sound that begs to fill up EDM dance floors everywhere.

The “Live with Lasers” tour kicks off tomorrow in Washington, D.C. and covers a great deal of the country before wrapping with a special hometown performance in Boulder, Colo. Production for this tour will be particularly impressive, which includes a five-light laser show.

Here’s where you can catch the tour in an EMW city near you:

Jan. 24 – Atlanta, Ga.
Jan. 25 – Knoxville, Tenn.
Jan. 26 – Nashville, Tenn.
Jan. 28 – Bloomington, Ind.
Jan. 30 – Pontiac, Mich.
Jan. 31 – Madison, Wis.
Feb. 1 – Chicago, Ill.
Feb. 5 – Iowa City, Iowa
Feb. 6 – Lawrence, Kan.
Feb. 7 – Tulsa, Okla.
Feb. 8 – Austin, Tex.
Feb. 9 – Dallas, Tex.
Feb. 21 – Aspen, Colo.
Feb. 22 – Ft. Collins, Colo.
Feb. 23 – Boulder, Colo. 


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