EDC Chicago construction underway; festival map, mobile app released

On the heels of the set times announcement yesterday, the festival map and mobile app for EDC Chicago are now also available.

The festival map shows the layout of the five stages positioned around the interior of the Chicagoland Speedway, as well as pointing out entrances, art installations, water stations, and other areas of interest.

A new version of the Insomniac mobile app was also released today which features a variety of tools including an interactive schedule, real-time social media buzz, videos, the festival map, and more.

Search “Insomniac” in the app store for the free download. If you’ve previously used the Insomniac app, you may need to delete your current app and re-install to see the new features.

Tickets are still available but have increased to $215 for a 3-day pass.

[button link=”http://www.flavorus.com/event/EDC-Chicago/155552/?afflky=TTCFEI” variation=”purple”]Buy EDC Chicago Tickets[/button]

And finally, here’s an exclusive photo from earlier today of some of the construction taking place at the Speedway. Photo courtesy Zach Shortley.

EDC Chicago 2013 setup panoramic

EDC Chicago 2013 Festival Map

EDC Chicago map


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