TomorrowWorld to unveil “Tomorrow’s Table” dining experience

Food options at many music festivals are quickly becoming as diverse as the sounds heard from the stages, and TomorrowWorld is no exception.

In addition to a variety of regional favorites, TomorrowWorld will serve up their first sit-down restaurant experience this year, known as Tomorrow’s Table.

Kevin Gillespie. Photo by Andrew Thomas Lee.

Kevin Gillespie. Photo by Andrew Thomas Lee.

Teaming up with Red Beard Restaurants — created and owned by Atlanta local and Top Chef finalist Kevin Gillespie — Tomorrow’s Table will overlook the main stage and will take on the theming of a unique Gillespie restaurant each day.

Looking for an extra special dining experience? On Saturday, an intimate, seated 10-course dinner cooked and served by Gillespie and friends will be offered.

Friday’s offerings come from “Terminus City,” a traditional whole-hog barbecue restaurant. Saturday brings the food of “Gunshow,” featuring dishes from around the world including regional America, South East Asia, Northern Europe, Central America, and More. Celebrate Sunday in the South with comfort foods from “Revival,” featuring fried chicken, grass fed beef and pork, meatloaf, and all the trimmings.

Reservations are required for the sit-down dining experiences (more details here). A similarly themed takeaway picnic basket service will also be available throughout the festival.

“We pride ourselves on bringing together tastes from around the globe to the TomorrowWorld experience,” said Jamie Reilly, project director of TomorrowWorld. “Showcasing local flavor is a huge part of that, so partnering with Chef Kevin Gillespie and Red Beard Restaurants was a natural fit for expanding TomorrowWorld’s food offerings.”

TomorrowWorld returns to Chattahoochee Hills (outside Atlanta) Sept. 25-27. Tickets are still available for the third edition of the U.S. festival, sister to Belgium’s Tomorrowland.


Tomorrow’s Table Sample Menus

Terminus City Friday: featuring traditional Southern BBQ
Chopped whole hog BBQ
Pulled BBQ chicken
Smoked Mushroom “BBQ” with Alabama White BBQ Sauce (Vegetarian)
Brunswick Stew
Shaker Style Coleslaw
Heritage Baked Beans
Southern Revival Potato Salad

Gunshow Saturday: a culinary journey of tastes and flavors from throughout the world.
Featuring dishes inspired by regional America, Southeast Asia, Northern Europe, Central America and more

Revival Sunday: traditional style Sunday supper
Revival Fried Chicken
Grass-Fed Beef and Pork Meatloaf wrapped in Bacon
Mushroom and Farro Cabbage Dumpling (Vegetarian)
Fried Silver Corn
Smoked Local Greens
Creamed Potatoes
Field Peas and Butterbeans in Sweet Cream Butter and Dill


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