18 lessons learned from TomorrowWorld, my first major EDM festival

Editor’s note: The following is a guest post submitted by Bryan Perez of Weston, Fla. after his experience at TomorrowWorld, held Sept. 27, 28, and 29 in Chattahoochee Hills, Ga.

This was my first major EDM festival. I didn’t even know to call it a festival. I thought I was going to a concert.

I went because my group of friends told me I wouldn’t regret it.

They were right.

I learned some things while looking up at those lights and feeling the waves of music flowing through me:

1. Life is not made up of just what you know. There is an infinite amount of life available. You’ll never experience it all, but the more open you are to it the more you will experience.

2. Hug people.

3. Everyone is doing the best they can.

4. Use your body. Its not something you “have.” It’s what you “are.” It’s part of you.

5. Exercise your soul. Let it roam free every now and then. Dance makes the soul come alive. The soul is also part of you.

6. Having good people in your life is more important than anything else. Work on your relationships and friendships as hard as you do with your career.

7. Life is beautiful no matter what corner of it you find yourself in. And it’s a short journey. You can’t hold it forever. Just appreciate the moment you find yourself existing.

8. The whole world is a playground if you look at it right.

9. If something scares you, you should probably do it.

10. Wake up early and go outside, as nature intended.

11. Laugh as much as you can.

12. Music is magic.

13. Love the people around you as hard as you can.

14. Explore the world. It’s a gift just like the time you’ve been given. Don’t let it go to waste by not exploring it.

15. Say hi to anyone next to you. Even if they don’t look welcoming. Talk to them. Then hug them goodbye.

16. Linking music to an experience keeps that experience alive, whenever you hear that music again. So create a positive experience and link it to great music. Then relive that experience as much as you can through that music.

17. Whenever you are feeling upset/unjust or that something has gone against you, APPRECIATE what you have. I was feeling upset because a “certain something” didn’t work out because of poor planning. Meanwhile my two other friends (who did manage to “plan properly”) were missing the women they love. I was lucky enough to have mine there. Remember to appreciate what you have and not focus on what you don’t. You create your own high.

18. When you die you’re not taking your house or car or fancy clothes with you. So don’t focus on that. Focus on living.

Best things about the experience: the camaraderie I felt with my “family.” Using my body in nature every day felt natural and “right.” Seeing people happy was a great drug, better than any other (like seeing my normally-bored friend having fun). Saying hi to strangers and connecting through happiness (not necessarily just through good conversational topics) makes you happy. Hugging. Music. Connecting. We really are all the same person just living different lives.

My life was impacted by this experience and I sincerely hope everyone else came away a better person, as I did.


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