Excision sweeps country for winter and spring Execution Tour

Excision will hit the road again this winter and spring to bring more ceiling-crumbling bass to cities throughout North America.

Known for producing a darker, almost demonic form of dubstep, Excision will be joined by Paper Diamond and Vaski on select dates of The Execution Tour 2013.

In the race to produce the most over-the-top visuals and sound experiences, Excision is easily leading the pack.

This tour will feature “The Executioner,” a 28-foot wide, 15 foot tall 3D video mapped structure featuring graphics synced to sound, and a PK sound system with over 100,000 watts of sound.

Trust us, this magnitude of sound can literally crumble ceilings and make stomachs churn.

The video below, released today, gives you a sneak peak at the production planned for this year’s tour.

Here’s where you can catch Excision in an Electronic Midwest city near you:

Jan. 25 – Indianapolis, Ind.
Jan. 26 – Chicago, Ill.
Feb. 21 – Austin, Tex.
Feb. 22 – Dallas, Tex.
Feb. 23 – Houston, Tex.
Feb. 24 – Tulsa, Okla.*
Feb. 26 – Kansas City, Mo.
March 7 – Nashville, Tenn.
March 8 – Atlanta, Ga.
 March 24 – Cleveland, Ohio
March 30 – Detroit, Mich.
April 20 – Minneapolis*

*Full Executioner production cannot be used due to venue constraints.


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