Richie Hawtin and Loco Dice launch unique college lecture and club tour

Electronic music innovators Richie Hawtin and Loco Dice have teamed up to launch a unique tour that combines educational lectures on college campuses along with club performances.

The tour, known as CNTRL: Beyond EDM – Discovering & Showcasing Electronic & Techn(ology) based Music, will route through several Central US cities in the next few weeks and is sure to be a one-of-a-kind experience.

The tour will stop in each city first at a local college for a panel-based lecture in an effort to show young EDM fans the roots of the music, the history of the global movement and demonstrating what the future of music technology and performance has the power to become.

It will also demonstrate that, contrary to popular belief, EDM is more than just a party — it’s a lucrative industry fueled by immense amounts of talent and hard work.

The daytime events will focus on the technology aspects of modern-day electronic music, presenting the more futuristic and underground side of the genre, as championed by Hawtin and Loco Dice and their peers for the last two decades. A full list of discussion topics can be found at the bottom of this article.

After the lecture, panelists will perform at local nightclubs, with select sets streamed live via Performing artists include Richie Hawtin, Loco Dice, Josh Wink, Ean Golden, Rob Paine, Paco Osuna, Kevin Melito, tINI, Victor Calderone, Seth Troxler, Kevin Saunderson and other special guests.

CNTRL: Beyond EDM Dates

Catch CNTRL: Beyond EDM with Richie Hawtin and friends in an EMW city near you:

Nov. 12 – Detroit, Mich.
Nov. 13 – Urbana, Ill.
Nov. 14 – Ann Arbor, Mich.
Nov. 15 – Dayton, Ohio
Nov. 16 – Chicago, Ill.
Nov. 17 – Madison, Wis.
Nov. 18 – Minneapolis, Minn. 


A musical compilation “CNTRL: Beyond EDM” has also been released to accompany the tour, featuring tracks from the panel artists and is available exclusively on iTunes.

Visit the CNTRL: Beyond EDM Facebook page for additional details throughout the tour.


Panel Discussion Topics:

The Evolving Artist with Richie Hawtin: For nearly 20 years, RICHIE HAWTIN has been a technology adventurer who is consistently at the forefront of electronic dance music period. Learn how he managed to maintain his focus while staying current in the market. Great for artists and aspiring musicians of all kinds.

Treating Art Like a Business: The artists have built huge companies around their artistic career. How do they balance the art and the business? Where does one begin and the other end? All three chime in on how business was a major driving force behind their artistic endeavors.

Mixing Modern Music / Importance of Sound: Today’s dance music is written and played on massive sound systems requiring careful considerations in sound. How to write and mix songs so they sound amazing when played through today’s high fidelity world.

Performing Live: DJs relish the idea of holding the reigns to 100,000k watt sound systems. Standing on stage in front of such a crowd is on a similar level to going on television or even performing at a major sporting event. How does each artist approach performing and fine tuning their ability to stay calm, cool and collected.

Old School Meets New School with Loco Dice: Many DJs still use the same classic turntable from the last 20 years with a few notable updates. How has turntable technology changed and what role does it play in today’s music landscape. What does it take to keep people dancing and how does Loco Dice use modern technology to provide a unique experience for each show?

Modern DJ Technology with Ean Golden: It is now easier and less expensive to get involved in DJing and electronic music than ever before. Recent technology advancements have also made it more fun than ever. Ean Golden shows some of the latest advances in DJ technology and how you too can get involved.

The Deeper side of Electronic Music: The panelists and guest have a combined DJ experience of over 70 years, guiding clubbers of all ages on a musical journey into the unknown. How has electronic music culture evolved over the last several decades and what does it look like now? Rich, Dice, Ean and guests take you on a journey into the deeper side of EDM.

EDM as a worldwide Force: EDM is a global movement. What is the role of the travelling DJ – to educate and inspire? EDM – where does it go from here: How does it grow without losing steam? How does it stay futuristic? What is the future for global electronic music? The artists and the audience exchange views.



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