Dayglow announces phase two of fall tour schedule

Dayglow, the “world’s largest paint party,” announced phase two of their upcoming fall schedule and is stopping by an impressive list of EMW cities.

**NOTE: Some of the cities from the phase one announcement have changed dates.**

“The END: Electronic Never Dies” tour kicks off on Sept. 2 and continues throughout the fall. While this event attracts more of the college party crowd and less of the EDM die-hards, it’s still an amazingly fun and unique event.

Musical talent will vary at each event butwill all make appearances throughout the tour.

It was announced last week that DayGlow LLC was sold to SFX Entertainment, whose parent company is Live Nation. This means you’ll be seeing more tickets sold only through Ticketmaster for these events.

Tickets are on sale now for many cities. Check out the Dayglow tour in a city near you:

Sept. 13 – Knoxville, Tenn.
Sept. 13 – El Paso, Tex.
Sept. 14 – Lubbock, Tex.
Sept. 14 – Iowa City, Iowa
Sept. 15 – Dallas, Tex.
Sept. 21 – Lincoln, Neb.
Sept. 28 – Louisville, Ky.
Sept. 29 – St. Louis, Mo.
Oct. 4 – Springfield, Mo.
Oct. 5 – Oklahoma City, Okla.
Oct. 6 – Nashville, Tenn.
Oct. 12 – Madison, Wis.
Oct. 18 – Fayetteville, Ark.
Oct. 19 – East Lansing, Mich.
Oct. 26 – Indianapolis, Ind.
Oct. 27 – Toldeo, Ohio
Nov. 17 – Milwaukee, Wis.

Dates subject to change.


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