Life in Color announces first round of 2014 tour dates

Life in Color (formerly Dayglow) organizers today announced the first round of dates for their 2014 “Unleash” tour.

Popular on college campuses and self-proclaimed as the “world’s largest paint party,” Life in Color features live performers, world-class DJ talent, impressive production, and of course buckets of water-based paint.

Organizers say the “Unleash” tour represents the freedom one experiences while at their events.

“There is no need to worry about labels, how you dress, or how you look,” reads the description accompanying today’s lineup announcement. “We want our fans to come to Life in Color and just be themselves…we want you to UNLEASH with us.”

Life in Color is part of the SFX Entertainment family of brands and has recently expanded internationally, holding events in Canada, Mexico, Australia, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Brazil, Costa Rica, Chile, and more.

Life in Color “Unleash Tour” EMW Dates

Feb. 21 – Lincoln, Neb.
Feb. 22 – Denver, Colo.
April 5 – Austin, Tex.
April 11 – Tulsa, Okla.
April 12 – Houston, Tex.
April 25 – West Lafayette, Ind.
April 26 – Columbia, Mo.
April 26 – Chicago, Ill.
May 5 – Cleveland, Ohio

Additional dates on the Unleash tour will be announced in the coming weeks.


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