Magic of Electric Forest festival experience has no match

Whether you’ve been to one or ten, it’s easy to recognize that each music festival has its own unique flavor. But Electric Forest — held June 28 through July 1 in Rothbury, Mich. — may be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Central to the uniqueness of Electric Forest is the festival site itself. The Sherwood Forest, a former tree farm filled with towering evergreens, naturally lends itself to the magic and creative spirit of the festival experience.

“From the endless performance artists to the incredible lighting displays, surprise musical performances, art installations and, of course, the hammock villages, the Sherwood Forest is the culmination of the Electric Forest experience,” says Megan McFann of Madison House Publicity, who co-produces the event along with Insomniac Events.

Musically, Electric Forest’s lineup is as diverse as the attendees. From jam bands to livetronica to dubstep and hip hop, there’s enough variety and selection to keep you raging day and night. This year’s schedule includes several performances by String Chesse Incident and STS9, and late-night shows by Bassnectar, Girl Talk, Big Gigantic, Steve Aoki, Datsik, EOTO, Dada Life, and so many more. View the full lineup & schedule.

The festival magic doesn’t end with the live musical performances and natural backdrop. Electric Forest curates a number of large-scale art installations along with smaller features and live demonstrations spread throughout the festival grounds. In addition, the photos from last year’s inaugural event show the unique lighting features to be one of the most mesmerizing effects you’ll ever see. And don’t miss glow in the dark disc golf too!

Unlike other festivals stationed in remote areas, Electric Forest has resort-like amenities that can’t be beat, especially when it comes to onsite lodging. In addition to normal tent camping (which is included in the price of a GA ticket), you’ll find cabins and log homes, hotel rooms, and pre-fab tents with cots are all onsite and a short walk or shuttle to the stages. Add in private VIP parties, premium viewing areas, air conditioned bathrooms inside the venue, “Happy Hour” parties, and so much more and you’ve got the best of both nature and luxury all in the same spot. There’s even a full water park, golf course and horseback riding just a short shuttle ride away! Check out the festival map.

In addition, the average temperatures in the Sherwood Forest are nearly perfect for a summer festival and likely a much needed break for many suffering extreme heat around the country. Check the current weather forecast.

So whether you’re planning to plant yourself in the front row of the main stage for the entire four days, splash around in the nearby water park or just relax in a hammock with live music as a soundtrack, the possibilities truly are almost endless.

Of course, even the best festival lineup, location, amenities or weather in the world would be nothing without the people who attend and create the festival community. The eccentric costumes, the elaborate camp sites, the impromptu jam sessions and the overall communal spirit of peace, love, unity and respect are all what make this festival truly come alive.

Now that you know what to expect, what are you waiting for? Get your tickets purchased and your travel arrangements planned today. You won’t regret it.

Stay tuned for our continued coverage of Electric Forest over the coming weeks, including the release of our “must see & do” and “helpful tips” guides.

See you in the Forest!

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