Nightline ABC highlights EDM at TomorrowWorld

The inaugural TomorrowWorld, held Sept. 27-29 outside Atlanta, attracted over 46,000 attendees and the attention of media outlets across the nation.

From inside the industry and out, all eyes were on TomorrowWorld, the first festival to be held since Electric Zoo’s Labor Day weekend cancellation due to drug-related deaths at the event.

But TomorrowWorld proved many EDM naysayers wrong, with no deaths and only a handful of hospital transports over the three-day weekend.

Over 300 media outlets were on hand to cover every inch of the festival, including Nightline ABC, who broadcasted their recap story last night. The piece explores everything from massive DJ paychecks to drug abuse, with interviews from headlining DJs in between.

Armin van Buuren, whose set closed down the festival on Sunday night, talked of the stigma within the dance music community.

“I’m also sad about the fact that EDM for some reason still has that stigma of drug misuse,” van Buuren told Nightline ABC.

“And I think it’s a little bit unfair, because if you look at other festivals, stuff happens there too. And I hope people will be more aware of it and will be cautious. You don’t need drugs to enjoy this music. You can just have a great time with your friends going to the festival, drinking water. I’m sure of it.”

Here’s the full report from Nightline ABC:

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