10 things found at TomorrowWorld you wouldn’t see at Tomorrowland

The magic of Belgium’s wildly popular Tomorrowland most certainly made its way across the Atlantic for the inaugural TomorrowWorld, held Sept. 27-29 in Atlanta.

The decor and stages were similar to that of the homeland, fans from over 75 countries were in attendance, and the incredibly positive vibes found here were universal.

But make no mistake: this festival was still very much American.

Based on conversations had with Tomorrowland veterans (and a few pure assumptions we’ve made), here’s a look at some of the things we found at TomorrowWorld that you wouldn’t likely see at Tomorrowland:

1Football jerseys

tomorrowworld-football-jerseyCollege and professional football (and hockey) jerseys were prevalent. Considering this is an all-American sport, you’re more likely to see soccer jerseys at Tomorrowland.  Also, this hat just screams ‘Merican Raver.

2A trap stage

tomorrowworld-trap-stageAn entire stage devoted to instrumental hip-hop. All American indeed. And even more so Atlanta.

3Fraternity flags

tomorrowworld-frat-flagWhile country flags were all over the place, fraternity and college flags were also in great abundance.

4This cooler

tomorrowworld-cooler Total frat move.

5Indian headdresses

tomorrowworld-indian-headdressEnough said.

6Alllll the ‘Merica outfits

tomorrowworld-americaWe’re sure there are a few Americana wardrobes floating around Tomorrowland, but not in this great of supply. When you see a pack of bros with Star Spangled Chubbies and tanks, you know you’re not in Belgium anymore. Oh, and more Indian feathers.

7Football tossing

tomorrowworld-footballFootball = America.

8Rage sticks/totems

tomorrowworld-totem-festifamWaving flags in the air is commonplace at Tomorrowland, but we doubt you’ll see rage sticks (totems) like this.

9Fried chicken dinners

tomorrowworld-fried-chickenCan I get a side of grits?

Also, in case you were wondering, tokens are equal to approximately $2.22. So that chicken dinner would cost you over $15.

10These beers

tomorrowworld-usa-beersIcehouse. Milwaukee’s Best. Budweiser. Not sure if TomorrowWorld or the ground at an SEC tailgate.


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