40 gorgeous photos from Burning Man 2016

Burning Man, the annual week-long gathering in the Nevada Black Rock desert, is a photographer’s paradise.

From massive art installations and roving art cars to “the burn” itself, there’s no shortage of picturesque moments amidst the sprawling Playa and its 70,000 attendees.

San Diego-based freelance photographer Andrew Jorgensen, in cooperation with The Confluence, has shared a sampling of some of his best photos from this year’s event.

Averaging 12-13 festivals annually, Jorgensen’s specialization lies in “finessing the emotive environment of the festival landscape and, conveying to the outside world the awe-inspiring energy contained within,” according to his published biography. Aside from being an in-house photographer for some of the top music festivals in North America, he also shoots commercial advertising photography for a roster of clients that included Campbell’s Soup, Hilton Hotels plus several other top hospitality groups based in San Diego.

See Jorgensen’s Burning Man 2016 photos below and check out his full portfolio here.

All photos by Andrew Jorgensen for The Confluence.

burning_man_2016_jorgphoto_02 burning_man_2016_jorgphoto_03 burning_man_2016_jorgphoto_04 burning_man_2016_jorgphoto_06 burning_man_2016_jorgphoto_07 burning_man_2016_jorgphoto_08 burning_man_2016_jorgphoto_09 burning_man_2016_jorgphoto_10 burning_man_2016_jorgphoto_11 burning_man_2016_jorgphoto_12 burning_man_2016_jorgphoto_13 burning_man_2016_jorgphoto_14 burning_man_2016_jorgphoto_15 burning_man_2016_jorgphoto_16 burning_man_2016_jorgphoto_17 burning_man_2016_jorgphoto_18 burning_man_2016_jorgphoto_20 burning_man_2016_jorgphoto_21 burning_man_2016_jorgphoto_22 burning_man_2016_jorgphoto_23 burning_man_2016_jorgphoto_24 burning_man_2016_jorgphoto_25 burning_man_2016_jorgphoto_26 burning_man_2016_jorgphoto_27 burning_man_2016_jorgphoto_28 burning_man_2016_jorgphoto_29 burning_man_2016_jorgphoto_30 burning_man_2016_jorgphoto_31 burning_man_2016_jorgphoto_32 burning_man_2016_jorgphoto_33 burning_man_2016_jorgphoto_35 burning_man_2016_jorgphoto_36 burning_man_2016_jorgphoto_37 burning_man_2016_jorgphoto_38 burning_man_2016_jorgphoto_39 burning_man_2016_jorgphoto_40 burning_man_2016_jorgphoto_41 burning_man_2016_jorgphoto_42 burning_man_2016_jorgphoto_05 burning_man_2016_jorgphoto_34 burning_man_2016_jorgphoto_19


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