More than music: 12 art installations you’ll find at Wakarusa 2015

If you’ve been to more than a handful of festivals, you’ll eventually agree that it takes a bit more than musicians and stages to create a unique and memorable experience.

Wakarusa, set for June 4-7 outside Ozark, Ark., acknowledges this reality and continues to expand the number of immersive art installations and visually stimulating elements to compliment the weekend’s musical soundtrack.

Some of the artistic elements at this year’s event are familiar sights but others are new to the Mulberry Mountain festival site, thanks in part to art and performance grants awarded through the Mulberry Mountain is My Muse program.

Here’s a rundown of some of the major installations you’ll find at Wakarusa 2015. A variety of ticket types are still available for the festival, which includes music by Ben Harper, Major Lazer, STS9, Big Gigantic, Paper Diamond, Chance the Rapper, and more.

1. Between the Dimension


This installation combines projection mapping with gallery art to illustrate the connection of technology and art. The double-sided, projection-mapped installation will feature walk-up art galleries on both ends. Check out their YouTube channel for videos from past installations.

2. Big Red Art Car

big red art car

Finally, an art car at Waka! Straight from the Burning Man playa, Big Red is a massive street-legal version of a VW Bug rigged with a complete sound system so the party moves with the vehicle throughout the festival grounds.

3. Mulberry Huts

Mulberry Huts

Returning after its 2014 debut at the entrance of The Satellite Stage, these structures are made using only strips of wood. No glue, no nails, no screws. The domes provide needed shade during the day and is creatively lit at night with colorful LEDs.

4. Linear Transformations with Bamboo

bamboo linear transformations

Linear Transformations uses bamboo to represent shifting planes through space while demonstrating the power and elegance of nature.

5. Snap Pop Art

snap pop art

You make the art! Join Kellen and thousands of others to create unique visuals through this black light reactive process.

6. Bubbles: The Young-Laplac Equation

bubbles wakarusa preview

Before selected acts at the satellite stage, small vials of soap bubbles will be distributed. Everyone will blow bubbles at the same time, making for temporary, but wildly photogenic moments.

7. GLO Zone & Algorythm Designs Inflatables

wakarusa inflatables

Custom, colorful, and glowing fabricated inflatables (created by Algorythm Designs Inflatables) will be sprinkled throughout the festival site. The GLO Zone will feature lamps designed by Andy Smith and inspired by the fresh water springs, caves, and vistas of the Ozarks.

8. Hammock Domes

wakarusa dome

Three geodesic domes will be setup this year, providing a space for hanging hammocks and seeking shelter from the sun and weather. Check out the EdgeDomes website for more.

9. Meet Me at the Marimba

Let’s make some music together! This is a durable, colorful, interactive musical installation composed of three oversized marimbas suspended within a triangular ­based prism. Up to six can participate at a time.

10. Nature Dreamweaver

Wakarusa 2013 Day 4-23

A staple hangout area of the Satellite Stage, the N.E.S.T. (New Earth Sacred Temple) returns for a fifth year. Fans are asked to respect the installation this year and treat it as a temple. Instead of leaving trash, they ask that you only leave gifts and offerings in the nest to add to the beauty and intention.

11. Slack-Librium


Test your balance skills and mindfulness with this slacklining installation. Instructors will demonstrate and help participants throughout the weekend next to the Satellite Stage.

12. Funktion Forms

Wakarusa 2013 Day 1-6

These colorful and creatively shaped pieces of stretched fabric return to again form an artificial ceiling on the Satellite Stage.


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