Interview: Ana Sia brings multi-level, omni-tempo experience to Lawrence, Kans.

Get ready for what she calls a “multi-level, omni-tempo experience,” as Ana Sia performs at the Bottleneck in Lawrence, Ks. this Saturday night.

Stemming from the San Francisco bay area, Ana Sia has toured with Sound Tribe and Bassnectar and is performing on several dates of the Big Gigantic tour. She’s also part of the artist-owned label FriteNite, where she released her latest work Surreal Estate, featuring tracks with Travis Stewart (Machinedrum) and NastyNasty. (Check out a sample below the interview.)

We sat down with Ana Sia and here’s what she had to say:

1) How would you describe your sound? Are there other artists you’d compare yourself to or serve as your inspiration?
I call it “Other.” Many and much serve as inspiration. I like it all! Rap, classical, grime, techno. International sensibilities over basic dancefloor beat fundamentals.

2) Talk a little about Frite Nite (Ana Sia’s record label) and the motivation behind the collective and what’s really special about it?
The motivation was a simple desire to hang around our friends who also happen to make the music we love most. Our diversity in sound & influences but with an undercurrent of familiarity is what keeps it unique. This and the fact we contribute to an artist-run label. It’s a support system that I know we are all proud of and I, for one, need this on a very personal level to function!

3) For someone who may not have seen a live Ana Sia show, whats it like?
It’s not a lot of bells & whistles, smoke & mirrors type “show.” My sets are  simply music driven, relying heavily on rhythm [and] heavy, fun, unique tunes that offer up a multi-level, omni-tempo experience.

4) Any plans on releasing new work? And if so, what direction can we expect to see you heading in on studio tracks?
Sure do have music in the works! I’m surprising myself on what’s being produced out of my studio right now so it’ll certainly be a surprise to the fans. But do trust that it’ll be true to my signature tastes.

5) Favorite on stage/live musical toys vs studio toys?
Studio toys are more fun…[they’re] bigger and louder [with] more buttons, keys and knobs 

6) Favorite kind of sushi?
Less sushi. More Izakaya.

7) Anything else you want electronic music fans of the midwest to know before you tear it up?
A loud enthusiastic thank you for the attention & desire to hear something new. Keeping music present & relevant in your life will only do you good! 


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