Will the City of Miami shut down the second weekend of Ultra Music Festival?

UPDATE (Jan. 10): Miami city commissioners have voted to ALLOW Ultra’s second weekend. In return, Ultra will give $500,000 to the city to cover emergency response expenses and must approach the commission if they plan to hold a second weekend in future years.

Ultra Music Festival, who months ago announced the expansion of their annual event to occupy two separate weekends, may be in hot water with the city of Miami.

Commissioner Marc Sarnoff has introduced a resolution claiming the second weekend of Ultra Music Festival (set for March 22-24) would be “disruptive to the local business community and area residents due to noise, nuisance behavior of festival goers, and grid lock traffic.”

The resolution only asks that the city clerk transmit a notice of the council’s disapproval to Bayfront Park’s management trust so it’s not clear whether this action would actually lead to any cancellation. Miami city code does however specify that activities at Bayfront Park are “subject at all times to city commission approval.”

City Council would first have to approve the resolution before any further action could be taken.

A fan petition has already been surfacing the web asking for the resolution to be withdrawn.

It’s not uncommon for festival organizers and city officials to clash, with each party trying to find a middle ground that proves to be lucrative for both the city and promoter, while also addressing concerns of local citizens.

The Miami NewTimes reported in October that Ultra had a positive economic impact to the tune of $79 million.

Just last week Ultra announced the impressive phase one lineup for this year’s festival and tickets for both weekends are still available.

Ultra is one of the largest EDM-focused festivals in the country and is currently scheduled to be held at Bayfront Park over the weekends of March 15-17 and 22-24.

View the full Resolution here:


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