Life in Color (formerly Dayglow) announces second phase of Rebirth tour

Life in Color (formerly Dayglow) organizers today announced the second phase of dates for their 2013 “Rebirth” tour.

Popular on college campuses and self-proclaimed as the “world’s largest paint party,” Life in Color features live performers, world-class DJ talent, impressive production, and of course buckets of water-based paint.

The “Rebirth” theme follows last year’s “The E.N.D. – Electronic Never Dies” tour and is in line with the decision last year to change the event’s name from Dayglow to Life in Color in an effort to uniquely brand the event.

The second arm of the tour kicks off in New Braunfels, Tex. on Aug. 31 and finishes the year in Miami on Dec. 27.

Here’s where you can find the Life in Color experience in the Electronic Midwest coverage area:

Life in Color Fall 2013 Midwest Dates

Aug. 31 – New Braunfels, Tex.
Sept. 6 – Kennesaw, Ga.
Sept. 13 – Louisville, Ky.
Sept. 13 – Oklahoma City, Okla.
Sept. 14 – Nashville, Tenn.
Sept. 14 – Dallas, Tex.
Sept. 20 – Lincoln, Neb.
Sept. 20 – Champaign, Ill.
Sept. 21 – St. Louis, Mo.
Sept. 27 – Chicago, Ill.
Sept. 28 – Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Oct. 5 – College Station, Tex.
Oct. 12 – Dayton, Ohio
Oct. 18 – Knoxville, Tenn.
Nov. 1 – East Lansing, Mich.
Nov. 2 – Indianapolis, Ind.
Dec. 21 – Detroit, Mich.

Tickets go on sale on various dates in June and July, depending on the city.

Life in Color Rebirth Fall 2013


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